Why should I buy a Walton Motorsport Exhaust Manifold?

This is a conversation that we have on a weekly basis, so its time we put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) and came up with some reasons. Specifically we are talking about our core range of manifolds which is the Toyota JZ engines and Nissan SR/RB engines, there are many manifolds for these engines […]

Hyper Bronze

The flagship Cosmis XT006R and XT206R are becoming available in the UK for a short time in Hyper Bronze. ETA is 6 weeks to arrival. Model  Size PCD RRP XT-206R 18×9″ ET33 5×114.3 £265 XT-206R 18×9.5″ ET10 5×114.3 £280 XT-206R 18×11″ ET8 5×114.3 £295 XT-006R 18×9.5″ ET10 5×114.3 £280 XT-006R 18×11″ ET8 5×114.3 £295

What is that JWL-T and VIA logo on my Cosmis Wheels?

Cosmis Wheels Markings We have been asked a few times what the markings on Cosmis Wheels mean, so we have decided to decipher all the markings for you guys. We have based this post around the flagship XT206r Model which is the split 6 spoke design you see adorning everything from BMWs to Fredrik Oksnevad’s Drift […]

Cosmis Wheels Showcase – The Cosmis R1

Cosmis R1 The Cosmis R1 is a popular choice due to its higher offset than Cosmis Wheels are traditionally known for, The Cosmis R1 is available in 18×9.5″ ET35 and 18×10.5″ with an ET of 30, this makes it a much more arch friendly option for those of you there who cannot fit the low […]

Cosmis Wheels on a R32 Skyline

We came across this video that shows Jordan Paul Rasmussen fitting a set of Cosmis XT006r wheels to his Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, as shown in the video Jordan faces a common problem on Nissans where the front brake caliper hits the spokes of the wheel. This happens due the concave design of the wheels, […]

Cosmis Wheels

Mike talks you through the popular Cosmis wheels models XT-206r, XT-006r and the new R1 in this video

2016 is here (finally)

This weekend we cmompleted the 2016 rebuild of our Nissan 180sx S13. For 2016 the car now features Version 2 Rocket Bunny arches and a brand new set of Cosmis XT-006r in 18×9.5 and 18×11. Most noticeably is the switch from the car being white to Walton Super Turquoise. Various tweeks have been made all […]

Fresh drop of Kinzuru Kits

New Kinzuru Kits We ha have just had a fresh delivery of Kinzuru Kits arrive including the eagerly awaited universal rear diffuser. Huge range of kits available on 48hour delivery from stock. Or if you are in the area drop by and pick a kit up

Kinzuru Kits

“Fit The Best, Fit Kinzuru Kits” Photos by Nathan Parton – Lensburn.  Diversity is what keeps the automotive world interesting, from the technological marvels of cutting edge hyper cars to the far from what the manufacturer intended world of Drift cars. The latter is what we are exploring here with Kinzuru Kits, all Petrolheads look for that little something, that detail that […]

D2 Brakes

We are now an authorised distrubtor of D2 Brakes click HERE to order your set.