Cosmis Wheels Showcase – The Cosmis R1

Cosmis R1

The Cosmis R1 is a popular choice due to its higher offset than Cosmis Wheels are traditionally known for, The Cosmis R1 is available in 18×9.5″ ET35 and 18×10.5″ with an ET of 30, this makes it a much more arch friendly option for those of you there who cannot fit the low offset wheels such as the S1, XT206r and XT006r. Cosmis Wheels R1

The R1 comes in 2 finishes, the Hyper Bronze and then the Black, the Black however is a super high glossy black that has to be seen to be appreciated. The 9.5″ has a sublte concave whereas the 10.5″ comes in with a much deeper concave whilst maintaining the higher offset the R1 is based around.

What not many people know is that Cosmis Wheels are the wheel choice of Rent4Ring the Nurburgrings premier rental company and their wheel of choice is the Cosmis R1, chosen for its durability on the green hell.

The R1 is currently only stocked in 5×114.3 however we do offer blank wheels that we can have drilled into almost any PCD opening the range to many more platforms.

Cosmis R1

Cosmis Wheels R1

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