What is that JWL-T and VIA logo on my Cosmis Wheels?

Cosmis Wheels Markings

We have been asked a few times what the markings on Cosmis Wheels mean, so we have decided to decipher all the markings for you guys.

Cosmis Wheels

We have based this post around the flagship XT206r Model which is the split 6 spoke design you see adorning everything from BMWs to Fredrik Oksnevad’s Drift Allstars Toyota Soarer.

   Cosmis Wheels

The above is the most obvious, but its the brand of the wheels, lovingly crafted into the wheel itself so that there is no mistake what brand this is

Cosmis Wheels XT206r

Again a fairly simple one, XT-206R is the model designation. We often get calls where the customer dosn’t know what model product they have, Cosmis makes it easy and precise

Cosmis Wheels Kiki Design

“Kiki Design”…. Whats a Kiki? Well a Kiki is infact Kiki Sak Nana of Redbull Drift team fame, The design part, well that just means Kiki designed the style, which applies to the XT-206R, XT-006R and the S5R. For those of us in the UK who have been involved in Drifting forever, you may remember Kiki from Option Motorsport? No? Well here’s a very old video to keep you entertained briefly.


Cosmis Wheels JLL-T

Those markings read “VIA” and “JWL-T”, the latter means Japan Light alloy Wheel, and is a standard that the wheels must pass for road use in Japan, Much like Germanys TUV approval, “-T” references trucks and busses, although we don’t recommended running Cosmis Wheels on your Truck or Bus, we can say that they pass the standards as a form of next level certification and strength over just JWL. VIA is a marking to show that the product is registered as passing JWL standards. What this means to our customers in the UK is that Cosmis Wheels are tough and more importantly, safe.