Our Brands

Cosmis Racing Wheels

Brainchild of Kiki Sak Nana or Redbull Drift team Cosmis wheels are the market leaders of producing strong stylish wheels with aggressive looks and fitment. For those looking for a tough flush fitment, Cosmis are your brand.

D2 Brakes

D2 Produce an enormous range of options for most cars out there available in custom colours as well as our favourite titanium colour. Anything from 4 pot to monster 8 pots will slow your car down safely.

BC Racing

Ever popular suspension brand BC Racing produce coilover applications for almost any car and their ER Series is highly regarded as one of the best value for money systems out there


Hardrace produce a range of geometry systems aimed to allow improvements to the alignment to your car. Many cars from the factory lack the adjustments needed



Link Engine Management

Link Engine Management are a widely known brand from New Zealand and feature on many high spec drift car builds. Producing their first ECU the EMX all the way back in 1991 and leading up to the ever popular and best selling G4+ that was first launched in 2013