Our Cars

Nissan Skyline R34 4 Door

The Walton Motorsport “Street legal” as it has been dubbed is our demo car built for driving around to different meets and shows. It started life a Normally aspirated Automatic but now features a fully forged RB25 combined with a GTX3071r turbocharger utilising a Tial Motorsport exhaust housing. Producing 477 bhp and 480ft lbs of torque it is certainly no slouch.

Body styling is in the shape of a Uras Style kit from Kinzuru Kits combined with 18×9.5” Cosmis XT206r Wheels in Black Chrome. Under the wheels front and back are D2 brakes, 6 pots up front and 4 pots in the rear finished in the superb Titanium colourway. The turbo sits on a Walton Motorsports RB Manifold with V band fitting, and a bespoke Walton motorsports exhaust system runs the full length of the car.

Nissan 180sx S13

The main competition car, this is a genuine 180sx although very few 180sx parts remain. The ’13 came to us in a lovely brown with a Monkey Magic kit fitted and no engine or gearbox. The shell was fully stripped to bare metal and seam welded. It has a 6 point custom cages rollcage fitted along with a few additions to meet regulations, Out back the ’13 sits on a 300 ZX Z32 rear subframe, rejigged inhouse to allow fitment to the 180’s chassis, this is what gives the car its super wide stance. Making all the noise upfront a SR20 lightly breathed on and fitted with a GTX 3071r turbo, sandwiched inbetween our SR20 Manifold and custom built system. The SR is mated to a 350z 6speed gearbox by way of a Protuner Adaptor plate, We opted for this route as 350z gearboxes are stronger and easier to get hold of than the popular aging RB box route.

The S13 for 2016 is running a Kinzuru Kits V2 arch set and has been repainted into Walton Super Turquoise. The car also features a wider track than in 2015 to help improve upon the handling, as well as a set of Cosmis XT006r wheels