10 Questions with Phil Morrison

First up in our “10 questions with…” series we have Phil Morrison, a man who needs no introduction in the world of Drifting. But for those on the outside, Phil is one of longest serving competitors on the British Drift Championship grid. Phil has been known for his unusual builds, the original S15 featured some ground breaking features for a car of its time, and has been more recently replaced with the DW86, a Toyota Corolla AE86 originally built from the crazy idea of combining a Nascar and the iconic AE86.

Driftworks Phil Morrison

WM – Who is Phil Morrison?

Owner of Driftworks Ltd & I guess probably the last of the oldschool still competing in drifting.


WM – We all know the DW86, But what do you drive to work?

Mostly my ‘midlife crisis’ cars 😉 : 991 Porsche 911GT3 or LP640 Murcielago


WM – What is your favourite modification/upgrade on the DW86?

It has to be the engine / drivetrain really. It’s what makes the car so ridiculous. 

Driftworks DW86

WM – What result or moment are you most proud of?

I won the 2006 D1GB series which was judged throughout the season by Japanese D1 drivers. 


WM – If you weren’t a drifter, what would you be doing?

Not sure. I have no doubt I’d still be building cars for some other pointless yet fun activity. 


WM – What’s your favourite track to drift?

In the UK at the moment I think it’s Rockingham. It’s just a shame it’s so terrible for spectating. 


WM – What do you do in the off season to prepare?

Mostly drink beer and eat pizza, but on occasion, come up with stupid (and often expensive) changes to make to the cars & team.


WM – Who is your biggest threat to the BDC title this year?

Richard Grindrod & Martin Richards are the hungriest most talented guys to watch out for in 2017 in my opinion. They just happen to be my team-mates. 

Phil Morrison vs Aleksander Katarovski

WM – What one thing could you not go without at a Drift Competition?

My mates. 


WM – If you were in charge of professional drifting, what one thing would you change?

For the first time in many many years I think we have the right man at the helm of British competition. Currently I don’t think there’s anything I would change, and there’s certainly nothing I could do better. 

Driftworks DW86