The Walton Motorsport R34 Skyline

March 31st, 2023 by

Back with a fresh new turbo setup for 2023 is our R34. At one point this car was the bain of our lives with a myriad of problems and broken engines until we refreshed it with a totally new engine build courtesy of Protuner and some heavy-duty GTR running gear including a modified LSD from Garage D

It started life in the land of the rising sun as a family NA auto skyline “sedan”  or 4 door as we tend to call them in the UK. It arrived with us as an ex-Falken demo/road car. Where we painted it a fresh white, added the rear over fenders, and commissioned the wide front steel arches to accommodate the Cosmis XT206R wheels.

After the aforementioned engine dramas, the car was dropped to Protuner after asking nicely to make it faster and more reliable. (without converting to an LS or JZ) and we ended up with a solid 700bhp utilizing a Garrett GTX3582r turbo.

Throughout 2022 we worked hard on designing and manufacturing our market-leading billet collector and of course, when had to upgrade the very early prototype manifold on the R34 to our latest and greatest version. And we couldn’t put a manifold that good on it and not upgrade to a newer and more efficient turbo, so we swapped to the Garrett G35-900, plus a new Turbosmart Progate 50. to give the car as it is now. We actually gained nearly 100bhp with the new manifold/turbo setup, along with a faster spool.

Engine Spec

  • Walton Motorsport RB Type A Manifold
  • Garret G35-900 .83 Housing
  • Turbosmart Progate 50
  • Turbosmart FPR6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Protuner ported cylinder head
  • HKS head gasket
  • Hypertune throttle body
  • Nissan N1 oil pump
  • ZRP conrods
  • K&N air filter
  • Forged cp pistons
  • Protuner rb25det increased capacity sump with Tomei rb26dett sump baffle
  • Head drain kit
  • Long nose crank collar
  • Tomei camshafts
  • Radium Full Rail
  • Remax oil pump gears
  • Ferrea valve springs and ti retainers

Chassis Spec

  • Speedtec rb25 gearbox
  • OS Giken twin plate clutch
  • Garage D Spec GTR LSD
  • GTR Driveshafts