Honda B18 Turbo

June 17th, 2020 by

A messaged dropped into our Instagram inbox from Michael (@castrol_coupe16) asking for a Turbo manifold for his Honda B18 Turbo Conversion, how could we say no?

Michael already had a turbo manifold, and his car was a fully working driving car, however, he wasn’t happy with his current manifold as it had cracked a few times. Anyone who knows how awkward it can be to remove and exhaust manifold we agree that it’s well worth replacing with something more fit and forget. 

Honda B18 Turbo

Michaels car is running a TD05 Turbo, from a Mitsubishi EVO. These turbos are internally waste-gated twin-scroll turbos, We built the collector in a very similar design to what we use on our OEM  Evo manifolds, with a few adjustments to suit the turbo position and pipe routing of the B18 setup.

Built from the same thick wall sch10 tube that we use to build our off the shelf range of turbo manifolds. and utilizing all the same processes (more info HERE)

The completed manifolds pipe routing is designed to take into account heat expansion and allow no single primary pipe to apply pressure against another. Which can lead to cracking of the manifold primary pipes

We also rebuilt the side exit exhaust system on the Civic, featuring this transition from turbo exit to downpipe

The finished article